Just like you, we have fallen in love with the gentle giants that are Greyhounds. Our home is open for your sight hound to join our little family while you’re away on holiday.  Look at those eyes, ‘You aren’t going to banish me from the sofa and send me back to the kennels are you?’

As well as understanding the  sensitive nature of Greyhounds, we understand their needs. No matter how chilled out they seem, it all changes at the glimpse of a squirrel.

If your dog or dogs come to stop with us, they will be treated just like my boy Eddie .  We are lucky enough to live 5 minutes walk from Beacon Park and Leomansley Woods in the centre of Lichfield, so there will be plenty of nice walks and Greyhound company.  The Retired Greyhound Trust have an organised walk in Beacon Park once a month  which we often join, so while you’re away your hound may help raise the profile of dogs looking for a home.

I work from home which helps our guests settle.  My dog Eddie is very calm and secure making him a positive influence too.