The classic one ear up

Any dogs coming to stay will be treated ‘just like Eddie’ and become part of the family.  My boy Eddie is really laid back, even among Greyhounds.  My daughter and her friends call him “Eddie the Teddy” whereas we more often call him “Princess Eddie”, especially when he asks for his bed to be moved about the house to follow the sun.

Working from home me and Ed go out for walk before breakfast every morning and again when I finish. We’re really lucky to live a short stroll from the fields and woods outside the ‘city’ or head into Beacon Park.  When it’s the latter, I’m keeping as close an eye on him as he is keeping on the numerous rabbits!

I only take one booking at a time so your dogs get the same time and attention as Ed.  All walks are on the lead as this is the safest way.  However, there is scope for mooching about in our secure garden and sunbathing when weather permits.